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Telephone Technician

Service Category

Our trained technicians provide all inside cable moves, adds, changes and disconnects for legacy telephone service and data drops. We also provide related services to include facility project consulting, planning, design and implementation.

Understand the Service

The Division of State Information Technology’s (DSIT) network technicians provide installation of Category 5, 5e, 6, coax and fiber runs throughout the State.

Why Use DSIT?
We have a professional staff of technicians well versed in wiring standards and testing procedures. DSIT staff will provide a turn-key job to provide telephone services from the smallest to the largest project. Our technicians can conduct a site visit to determine your needs and provide a not to exceed cost for budgetary purposes.

Reap the Benefits
Your job will be done right the first time at very reasonable rates so you actually spend less time and money!


 Telecommunications Technicians 
  includes telephone moves, adds, changes, and other related services

Questions? or Ready to Order
Please contact Charles Burton at 803-896-0755, or contact our Service Center by calling 803-896-0001, toll-free 800-922-1367 or by sending an e-mail to

How Am I Billed?
Depending on the service, Telephone Technician services are billed via the Customer Care billing system using standard State processes or by the vendor, Spirit Telecom.